Every Kitchen has a story and it's own flavour.
I am a Kitchen Daughter, just like my Mum is and her Mum was.

I’ve been watching both my parents cook away in the Kitchen since I can remember. I have fond memories of birthday parties especially. Mum & Dad would be in the Kitchen from the crack of dawn prepping and cooking away for the grand party. I always use to go into the Kitchen and ask if I can help, which was always an excuse to eat the food ahead of the party, and of course my parents would shoo me away.
The table would be swarming with food, from garam garam Samosas to lip-smacking Vegetable Biriyani. I always used to get butterflies in my tummy and look forward to birthday parties, such a shame they only come once a year!

Whenever I go through my photo albums, my Mum would often tell me how when I was a little girl she had gifted me a play kitchen with pots and pans and a stove, where I would make yummy Pizza and offer her a slice to which she would happily oblige and tell me it’s delicious!

My Mum always believed in feeding people, most importantly feeding their soul, no one should ever go hungry. If you have last minute guests come over and not enough food to go around, you should have the ability to use whatever you have in your Kitchen to whip up a heart warming meal. She’s always told me ‘Khavanu dil thi bana vanu‘ Cook food with your heart. If your heart isn’t in cooking and you’re not really feeling up to it, chances are, people are going to notice, including yourself.

My Dad has also played a big part in my cooking journey. he never shied away from going into the Kitchen, asking if there was anything he could do to help. Many years ago before I decided become Vegan, Dad would teach me about meat, how to prepare it and how to cook it. ‘Never hold back on the Masala‘ he’d say. I’d often ask him to make Lamb Chops for me, they were amazing. I didn’t enjoy eating meat at the restaurants as much as I did at home. I remember once I had made Sticky Honey and Lemon Chicken Wings for the first time, and he was highly impressed (I was too!) A man who loves spicy food had just devoured a whole tray of Sweet and Sour wings!
He always had his own style, Mum had hers, and now, I have mine.
I guess growing up I’ve had the best of both worlds, Mum being a Herbivore and Dad enjoying being a Carnivore.

Diwali also was a big thing in our house when it came to food. I would watch them pound and stretch the dough for the Mathiya which would make them light, crispy and bubble up when frying. When I was little, of course it looked a bit ridiculous when I saw them hammer the dough, I had no idea why they were making such a racket! There was one thing I knew, that was the end product was my favourite and rather delicious. Then they used to make the Farsan at home too, nothing shop bought. Chakris were a hit too in our house. Watching my parents tag team and make all these delicious delicacies at home for all these years, I have learnt a lot. Now I carry the baton and make all this. It’s such a rewarding feeling, and everything is SO tasty! Now that I know how to make all of this, I really appreciate my parents more. All the time, effort and love they’ve put into all this food for all these years.

Whether it’d be eating it or cooking it, food has been a big part of my life.

Through this Blog (somewhat recipe binder, totes personal!) I hope I can sprinkle some love into your Kitchen, and perhaps give you some inspiration and reassurance for you to go into your Kitchen and cook up a storm. Cooking is fun, it’s art, it’s a skill, which I believe everyone should have a little of.

A Kitchen Daughter x