One Day in December

I initially heard a sample for the audio book and loved it!
Personally I really dislike reading, crazy I know…perhaps it’s to do with the certain amount of attention span I have OR I’m just lazy? Anyway I thought I’d you know, pre-order it so I could attempt to read it during my birthday month.
The book came in October, and I waited for December (as it’s in the Title) to read it. December finally came. I started reading the book, then, then I took a little break from it. (don’t know why I do that it’s becoming a bad habit!)
When I started to read it again I simply could not put it down!

There were ‘moments’ in this book for me, moments that made me go weak in the knees, moments where I was giggling away, moments where I wish my arm could extend into the books character and give them a good slap.
This book will give you ‘moments’

So what is this book all about? (without giving too much away)

One wintry day, Laurie notices a stranger. A stranger who is the one, who she has given her heart to. He too sees her. They both look at each other and it was love at first sight, they were meant to be. However they can’t really communicate to each other. This all happened at a bus stop. She was on the bus, he was not. So, she goes back home and tells her best friend Sarah all about him, how he looks and how much she wished he’d gotten on the bus. So they then spend a good year or so looking for this guy everywhere clubs, pubs you name it. No luck!

So as the book continues, Sarah introduces Laurie to her Boyfriend and Laurie goes on holiday and finds someone too, but what about ‘Bus-Boy’?
I could tell you, but why spoil it? You’ll simply have to read to find out!

Happy Reading

This is a love story you won’t forget easily.

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