Serving Crazy With Curry

During a car journey on the way to a restaurant, I started to question about a Bollywood film called Bareilly Ki Barfi (which is based on the French novel The Ingredients of Love)

It’s about a free spirited girl who one day decides to run away from home and she ends up at the train station. There she finds a little Book stall and ends up buying a book, and when she reads it she realises the character in the book, is her. So she heads back home in search for the author who had conjured up the characteristics of the girl in the book.
I questioned if that actually happens in real life, I mean is it as easy as that? I mean you pick up a book to read only to find out the character is you!

Both my friends said there is a possibility of that happening. Then the question hit me, and it then dawned on me. I had infact read a book called ‘Serving Crazy With Curry’ and Devi (the girl in the book) was me, parts of her were so strong I could emotionally connect with her. So bizarre.

So, this book, what is it all about?

After Devi loses her job and facing the pressure to get married and become a traditional Indian wife, she attempts suicide, but even that is unsuccessful. After being found by her mother, she moves back in with her parents to recover, but refuses to speak, choosing to communicate through food, and her “crazy” concoctions.

Reading this book bought me closer to Devi, I felt as if I knew her because I saw a part of me in her. I guess I could connect with her purely because I had been through that phase of depression and cooking is the only one thing that so to speak, keeps me sane.

Happy Reading.

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