The Abundance: A Novel – Amit Majmudar

So, it is with this particular book my reading journey began. I had bought this book a very long time ago and it was just sitting on my book shelf gathering dust, I also took it with my on holiday but never did end up reading it until Football world cup season had started last year. (2018)

After reading this book I did feel like kicking myself only because I thought why hadn’t I read this book any sooner?! It was such a good read once I got into it. After reading this book I thought to myself I wonder how many other Fiction books are based on food. So I did research and found loads. Not an ideal book to be reading if I’m honest as they do make you feel a bit peckish! 🙈

Anyway what is this book all about?

It’s about a Gujarati family in America. The narrator is the Mum, which if memory serves me right we never get to know the name of. She has a lovely relationship with her Husband Abhi. He’s always there supporting her, vice versa. At first they were reluctant to tell the kids about her diagnosis but once the children come to know of their mother’s illness they move in to help her out with daily chores. In the short time between diagnosis and deterioration, Mala (her daughter) sets about learning everything she can about her mother’s art of Indian cooking. Perfecting the Naan and the Raita, the two confront their deepest divisions and failures and learn to speak more as well as cook. One day, Ronak (her Son) hits upon the idea of selling their experience as a book. Which I thought was a wonderful idea!

Not going to lie, I wasn’t too fond on the ending. I thought it was rather abrupt.

Happy Reading.

The cover is so beautiful.

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