I can’t stress enough how AMAZING this book is!
I first came across this book way back in 2013 on Amazon as I was on the hunt for an authentic Gujarati cookbook with bulletproof recipes. Quite ironic I know, as I myself am a Gujarati.
My Mum makes some great food, only downside is she never measures anything, I honestly don’t know how she does it. I need measurements sometimes, just makes life so much easier.
This book is a slice of ‘home’ as it’s pretty close to how my Mum cooks.
Kaushy Patel, the author is a fine cook, that has a passion for cooking and believes in cooking with love. Which makes sense, because to a certain extent whatever your’re feeling, it will come through in your food.

I came to realise later on they also had a Restaurant in Bradford. The Restaurant was also crowned runner-up in Gordon Ramsay’s Britain’s Best Restaurant competition in 2010.

Here’s a sneak peak at the Contents and what kind of Recipes are inside this gem of a book.

My favourite recipes from this book has to be the Fenugreek leaf and Banana Bhajis and the Spiced Pea and Garlic Chappati Balls I’m also a fan of the Garlic Coconut Filled Potatoes Balls.

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