Tomato, Garlic & Red Chilli Chutney

Once upon a time, whilst doing our normal Indian Food shop, I came across vibrant Red Chillies (not the ones in the picture)
I thought to myself what could I make with them? As I was making Dhoklas I thought a Chutney would be a great accompaniment.
So I threw some Red Chillies into a Blender along with some Tomatoes, Lemon Juice a Garlic Clove some Salt and a pinch of Sugar and whizz it all up. It was so spicy! But a good spicy….when my Dad tried the Chutney he without saying anything approached me, took the spoon out of the bowl placed it onto my plate and took the bowl! My Dad is a man of not many words, actions speak louder they say, which means I think he liked it.

This is the original Chutney, when I had made it for the first time.

My Mum really took a liking to this Chutney too, she couldn’t taste it the first time I made it because Pops of course finished it, but she tried it the second time and loved it. So she requested me to make it again. Unfortunately we were out of Red Chillies, so we went out to get some more…What luck, they were out too! Instead they had these, I knew they were trouble when I saw them, but my Mum picked out a couple for us to try.
My thoughts on these Chillies are as follows…

These are the type of Chillies you need.

This has got to be my 3rd attempt at making this, I have to confess, it wasn’t as delicious and that’s purely because the Chillies weren’t right, for me anyway but my Mum really liked it! Also I used 3 Garlic Cloves when I should have perhaps used 1 maybe 2 and I used I think a Tbsp worth of Chilli Powder. But I would say go with your gut and what feels right. If you’d like you could roast the Garlic and Tomatoes to ensure you get a more rich and deeper taste.

The What:

4 Large Red Chillies
3 Garlic Cloves
6 Baby Plum Tomatoes
1-2 Tbsp Lemon Juice Juice
Salt To Taste
Sugar To Taste
Red Chilli Powder To Taste
Light and Mild Olive Oil/Coconut Oil

The How:

  • Whizz everything up. (apart from the Oil)
  • Taste and Edit.
  • When everything is as you like add in the Oil

It’s Ready to Eat, Share and Enjoy.

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