Prajna: wisdom/intelligence/understanding

I have to point out, it has a beautiful vibrant pink front cover and I LOVE it! I was expecting the book to be a lot heavier then what it actually is. It’s a nice weight, also compact too.

This book, isn’t a book. It’s a way of living, it’s a guide, a guide on how one should go about life if they ever felt ‘lost’ or unbalanced. This book will help you understand what life has to offer and why it is important to love yourself and look after your body the Ayurvedic way.

So, in this book you will find a bit of everything from Recipes, Morning rituals to Mantras and Yoga asanas.

I was rather taken aback when Mira shared her personal journey and how she wasn’t really happy with her life and how she felt ‘stuck’. It really helped me to connect with her and understand why she did what she did, why she made those decisions and changes, why she started to really eat mindfully and why she went back to connect with her roots.

This book is truly insightful. It’s a nice book to go back to now and then.

Happy Reading.

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